Dear Students and Teachers,

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) has an internationalization programme with widely recognized success, including the annual mobility of more than 500 incoming and outgoing students and 100 teaching staff members, as the result of the collaboration with several European higher education institutions (HEIs) and with universities from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries. In the recent years, the IPB has consolidated its international mobility under the Lifelong Learning Programme by renewing its European Charter for the period 2007/2013 and extending the programme of student mobility to placements. IPB also established a new promising mobility programme with Brazilian HEIs that involved, in its first year of application, the mobility of 50 students. In the European context, the rising numbers for mobility programmes placed IPB, in the last two academic years, in the top 100 of the HEIs that received more incoming teaching staff, to which contributes the annual Erasmus Week held in our institution.

Other important vehicle of internationalization is the organization of Erasmus Intensive Programmes (IPs). IPB is the Portuguese HEI offering a higher number of IPs, involving European partners from fifteen different countries and an annual mobility of 30 teachers and 85 students. IPs represent a unique opportunity for multinational teaching of specialized topics not available in a single institution, and for encouraging new perspectives in the European Higher Education System for future joint academic new curricula and programmes in a real international classroom environment.

IPB, with the collaboration of internal departments - the Image and Student Support Office, the Entrepreneurship Promoting Office, the International Relations Office and the Association of the Foreign Student - offers to all its students, including foreigner students under mobility programmes, a unique opportunity to study and live in a young and innovative academic atmosphere.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you in IPB.

Luís S. Pais
Vice-President of IPB for Academic Affairs and International Relations

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